Government of India Refund Policy

Norms For Fee Refund: Guidelines.

The Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Government of India, came with certain norms for the fee refund procedure, as the candidate can get the fee refund if and when he/she withdraws from the admission.

Candidates can check the Guidelines for fee refund below.

  1. The institute will not make it mandatory for any student to purchase the college prospectus. It should be his/her personal choice to buy it or not.
  2. The prospectus should have all the norms for the fee refund details mentioned.
  3. All the institutions should mention all the details on their official website about their college, courses, fees, submissions, applications so that the candidate can make a well-planned choice.
  4. Institutions are only allowed to collect the fee per course details & Duration.

If any candidate decides to withdraw from the course in which he/she took admission, then the institute shall follow the below-mentioned system of the Ministry of Education,Government of India norms for fee refund.

Refund of Fee & Time period (withdrawal of the application):

100% : 15 days or more, before the last date of admission has been notified
90% : Less than 15 days before the last date of admission
80% : 15 days or less, after the last date of admission
50% : 30 days or less, but more than 15 days, after the last date of admission
0% : More than 30 days after the last date of admission

Caution money and the security deposit money, which are not part of the fee structure, will be refunded entirely.

Fees shall be refunded to the eligible candidate by the institute within 15 days after the candidate has submitted the official written letter to the authority.

Candidates can check The Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Government of India norms below.

  1. No institute shall ask the candidate to submit their original and personal documents at the time of admission. Instead, the candidates must submit self-attested copies of the same.
  2. Institutes can use the original documents and certificates for verification purposes, and according to it, submit the candidate’s self-attested copies.
  3. Institutes can ask the candidate for the original documents during the course for physical verification, but the original documents should be returned immediately to the candidate.
  4. The collection of any original certificate or document is extremely prohibited.
  5. Suppose the certificate or document does not appear authentic. In that case, the institute can contact the certificate/ document issuing authority for verification but cannot take in custody any candidate’s original documents or certificates.

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